World Sickle Cell Day an Education and Awareness even that takes place on June 19th.

Yes, it is that time of year again. When the Sickle Cell Community comes together to fight hard to push through the noise of Social Media and try to get a message out about Sickle Cell Disease.

There is a deep sense of responsibility for all of those affected by Sickle Cell Disease in some way or another to do something. To Say Something. To be seen. To be heard.

Many of us post from hospital beds fighting this pain.

Others around the world post…

One of the worst things about being a painter living with Sickle Cell Disease is the inability to work full-time and make a living. I was often too sick to follow my dreams.

At some point I manage to get some art supplies and worked hard at evolving my talent.

Read’s Artspace in my studio

Art creation process for me is often a few active months followed by a year of paying back my credit cards from the art supplies I’ve purchased. I don’t sell my work often. …

The Mango Seed Baby, is a book I’ve been writing about my life and thoughts in my mind since 1998. This was suppose to help me cope with depression and the pain of Sickle Cell Disease.

Recently, I have been feeling terrified of my own writing and my own voice from looking back at my own growth through the words I wrote over the years.

How can you be terrified of your own voice?

It can happen when you start saying things about yourself, the world out there never knew about your mind.

I still have a bit more to write, but I hope to self-publish sometime this year.

Artist: Hertz Nazaire

As I make my way through the journey of putting together my first adult coloring book, I want to share some of my experiences and observations.

Finding Your Colors, my #AdultColoringBook is now available

I am creating a lot of pages inspired by women of color, for women of color.

There really is no such thing as “Natural, Herbal, or Organic,” those are sales and marketing words coined to help you ease your money out of it’s hidey-hole. They are the anal lube for your wallet, don’t fool yourself you are getting prepped to be screwed.

All things are made up of atoms as humans we are mostly a carbon life form. All carbon like all elements that make up all we se, and all that exists, all matter come from stars like our own Sun as they burn. …

So after a few months of deep depression, I found my way out by jumping head first into a coloring book art project.

See my black puzzle series in ( énigme ) on exhibit at the Connecticut State Capitol

Artist are born poor, I wonder why the world thinks it is so romantic to see artists in deep poverty, living only on passion, depression, and madness to create great works only die in poverty.

Hertz Nazaire in the Studio

I find this to be a strange thing, I have a lot of ideas I want to explore but most of my art live and take shape only in my mind. They also die there, because I cannot afford to create the works I am dreaming of. I regret a lot of pieces that I am not able to bring to life. I wish they…

Back in 2016 I took part in filming my life for a documentary series, above are the clips for over 3 months of my life activities to raise Sickle Cell Disease awareness. Share this awareness with a friend.

Hertz Nazaire

Support my Art on Patreon

Get me in the ring, I want to fight.

Once per month 6 bags on fresh blood exchanged using Aphaeresis

The following an edited response to a request I got from the Nurse reviewing my eligibility to take part in a clinical trial that could cure my Sickle Cell Disease. She asked if I had any more Pain Crisis hopitalization dates within the past two years. I have been worried that there might be a practice were they only accept the sickiest patients to take such risks using new methods in gene editing.

Hertz Nazaire

ハイチのスーパーフラット #KingsOfHaiti Artist PAINter #Haiti - Life is shorter than we can hope for... I wish to dedicate the days I have to inspiring compassion with Art

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